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Nobody has taught me more about poker than Daniel. Together, we have been working on our poker game for eight years.
He's always taken coaching extremely seriously, preparing a balance of theoretical and practical learning content.
He enjoys coaching a small number of dedicated players he can devote his full attention to, to truly take them to the next level of their career.
I highly recommend him as a coach.

Wouter Beumers (MMAsherdog) - Nosebleeds poker pro, $5M+ in winnings


Gain the edge in today’s competitive poker scene

Feel stuck in your poker journey?

In the past year, the top 20 online cash game players globally pulled in an average of $700k, with the leader netting a cool $2.7m.
Far from dead, poker is very much alive and kicking.
Play from any corner of the world, create your own schedule, make life-changing money. Hard to beat this offer.Yet, maintaining an edge has never been more challenging. GTO and solvers have become great equalizers.
The average regular is barely breaking even against the rake.
If any of the following points strike a chord, you're exactly where you need to be:

  • You are stuck at a certain stake and can't seem to break free

  • You don’t have a framework on how to study and build poker strategies

  • You are eager to improve your poker game but are overwhelmed by the vast array of resources and areas to explore.

  • You are pouring hours into sims with little to no progress

  • You grasp the basics of GTO poker but struggle when it comes to exploiting other players

  • You often find yourself in spots where you don’t know the correct strategy

  • You see worse players than you making more money and don’t understand why


High stakes journey: from struggle to mastery

An insider's tale of poker, coaching, and a life beyond the table.

Daniel avatar

Hey, I'm Daniel, aka ShowOfForce

I’m a poker pro playing high stakes, with over a decade of experience.

I started out like everyone else.
I wasn’t a poker prodigy who just breezed up stakes. You know the feeling of being stuck, no matter how hard you try?
That was me many years ago.

Navigating the lows of poker

It took a while to get to NL100, then I just couldn’t break through to higher stakes.Quality poker coaching seemed very expensive and it didn't really make sense to me. Why would I pay so much when I have all these resources and videos?This perspective didn't work out well for me.
For 3 years I had the same bankroll, I probably shot NL200 over 10 times, only to get smacked back down.
Confidence in my game suffered, constantly questioning myself.I vividly remember a particularly rough downswing when I feared I wouldn't make rent. Do not recommend.

From stuck to student to coach

I finally recognized that while I was working hard, I needed clarity and guidance.In reality, things are simple.
Find someone who is where you want to be and learn from them.
Simple, but not easy to find.
This is how I met MMAsherdog. I knew he was playing high stakes daily, he seemed very knowledgeable and was part of a new coaching-for-profits company called BluffTheSpot.This was the boost I needed. With newfound guidance and a thirst for improvement, I started to move up in stakes.I soon realized I also enjoy giving back and improving others.
From a humble student, I ended up being head coach for BTS.
My passion for solvers gave me deep theoretical insights and quickly made me the PIO wizard of the group.

PIO God testimonial

High stakes glory

Over the years, I put in a lot of coaching hours and worked with over 100 students in BluffTheSpot, seeing amazing transformations.However, as I approached high stakes, I had to face the truth. I needed more time in the lab working on my own game.This is how I made the tough decision of leaving BTS to finally conquer high stakes.I know these are a lot of words, so I will leave the graph below to condense everything I said so far:

SoF High Stakes Graph Results

I got to live the dream.
Being able to compete against poker giants like OtB_RedBaron, Katya, LLinusLLove, and my friend MMAsherdog was surreal.
And the financial freedom that came with it was life-changing.
Imagine playing $80k pots in Ivey's Room and being recognized in the high stakes community. Imagine being able to fly to Brazil on a whim because you're tired of the European cold. That became my reality.

High Stakes Table

After some time, I realized my passion for coaching was still there.So instead of the time-intensive mass coaching, I decided I would pick a few students to give highly personalized 1on1 coaching.I’ve had guys go from being stuck at 200 zoom to NL1k and beyond, from 20k/year to 150k/year, from NL50 to NL500 in a few months.

The next level: leveraging your bankroll and investing in the future

But the good life is about more than just poker, so I decided it was time to leverage my poker earnings to build a future outside the poker table.I discovered my passion for investing, trading, and the crypto market, while still playing and coaching enough to keep my skillset.As markets are now winding down, I see a big opportunity for you and me.
Money invested in a recession period is worth 10x more in the future.
This is why I moved my full focus back to poker.
If there ever was a period to double down on poker, this is it.
I see friends and students left and right doing it.
Aside from playing high stakes myself, I decided to open up my coaching and share this opportunity with a few select people.So if you are ready to take your poker game to the next level, let's cut through the confusion and crush the game together!

Burlica avatar

Burlica2013 - Pokerstars NL200 Pro

My game changed a lot since I started working with Daniel.When we started my level of thinking was 'my hand vs his range', now I am understanding how to play and think 'range vs range', which unlocked a new stage in my poker evolution.I'm also more relaxed at the tables knowing that if I can't find a way to exploit my opponents, I can always return to a correct and winning standard strategy.I will soon shot take NL500. This is my graph at NL200 since working with Daniel the past 6 months:

Burlica Graph Results


Tailored improvement for rapid growth

Maximizing strengths, fixing leaks, achieving mastery

Working with over 100 students in my coaching career, I got interested in efficiency and speed. What takes someone from breakeven at 200 zoom to beating NL1k in record speed?I realized that once you get the basic fundamentals down, imitation stops working.Unfortunately, what got you to NL200 won’t get you to NL1k.Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.
You need highly personalized guidance and a system to address your specific strengths and weaknesses.

Welcome to my system

Coaching System Graphic

1) Diagnosis

This is where I get a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. I can see exactly where you are and what needs to be improved. This process will help you identify your current level and the key areas where you need to focus your efforts.

2) Personalized roadmap

I use the diagnosis phase to create your personalized improvement roadmap: the fastest and most effective path to crushing your higher stakes.
This will eliminate any confusion about what you should be working on.

3) Execution

With the roadmap in hand, I hold your hand and execute every step together.
One topic at a time.
Every session brings real, measurable progress.
That's it. This is how your game becomes unrecognizable in 2 months.Yes, I said 2 months, not 2 days. I provide all the concepts, strategies, and guidance. But you still have to put in the work to internalize everything.


The ShowOfForce poker coaching system

Your winning edge

Now that you understand my coaching system, let's see what you get from working with me:

1) Personalized improvement path

With my vast experience coaching players of all levels, I have a deep understanding of the challenges you face and how to overcome them.

  • Get an instant winrate boost even from the first session by eliminating leaks you couldn’t see yourself

  • Experience real progress by receiving a clear roadmap personalized to you, that you can just check off

  • Maximize your study time with personalized homework to further internalize the concepts from our coaching sessions

2) GTO x Exploit mastery

Sorry, we won't focus on superficial tricks or memorizing GTO solutions.The highest winrates are achieved by mastering both the theoretical and exploitative sides of poker, then blending them together at the tables.This is my secret. Once this clicks, you won’t need anything else.

  • Learn advanced strategies that expose breaking points in your opponents, I’ll show you exactly where and how to exploit

  • Understand how to actually use GTO to print $ (and why it doesn’t make money by itself)

  • Instantly know how to play every situation (even if you haven’t seen it before!) by understanding advanced GTO theory

  • Execute flawlessly at the tables by understanding range management and precise hand selection

3) A framework for working on your game

One of the main goals of our coaching is to give you the frameworks that transform you into a self-sufficient, continuously improving machine.This is how many of my students continued to climb stakes long after we stopped working together.

  • Learn my unique process for creating strategies the proper way: from preflop to river

  • Understand how to use solvers effectively from someone with over 5000 hours of experience

  • Maximize your study time with my 3 step framework to explore, practice and implement strategies


  • My Profit Maximization System: Discover how to maximize earnings, select profitable tables, and learn while playing. Benefit from effective session management strategies to avoid unnecessary losses. All within just 4 hours of play per day, as practiced by top pros.

  • Private discord chat with likeminded students who play from NL200 to NL2k: connect, ask questions, discuss hands

  • Access to exclusive preflop, multiway and heads up sims that cost me $2000 to run


Student testimonials

Real stories from students who've leveled up their poker game.

Vasilikos - NL1000 Pokerstars reg battler

If you are lucky enough to get chosen to work with Daniel, you will quickly understand he got to nosebleeds by getting coached, working hard, but also mastering Pio.
He knows how to translate the results and how to use them better than anyone I know.
But poker is not trying to copy Pio, everyone would play nosebleeds then. The truth is, the vast majority can't get past the low stakes.Daniel is a Pio nerd that gets the GTO strategies and then adjusts those to exploit the pool and take the money. That's what makes him stand out, he knows how poker works, not just Pio.Also, it was really surprising to me how incredibly fast (by watching 20 mins of my game or saying 1-2 seemingly unimportant thoughts of mine) he identified what I was doing wrong and had an accurate plan to fix it. (So much stuff you could get wrong or not execute correctly by videos or Pio)To conclude you could choose the long way of improvement, get frustrated trying to understand everything you do wrong on your own (it's really difficult to be that self-aware).
But honestly, it doesn't make sense to me.
I would always choose to get coaching from Daniel, and get to understand how to use Pio effectively, how poker works, how to think about each spot, and eventually how to win the dough $$$ 😎

Arnaud - NL1000 pro

Before coaching I was playing 100nl and having decent results but in a lot of spots and was just winging it with no idea if what I was doing was good or not and therefore no strong confidence in my game.Daniel gave me a gameplan for how to play every spot/how to think about every spot, as well as how to exploitatively deviate from it in order to maximize EV depending on the way other players are playing. He also showed me how to study effectively on my own.He doesn't hold anything back and you can see in your interactions with him he really cares about what he's teaching and his students actually getting better and benefiting from the coaching sessions.He was also always available to answer my questions in-between sessions which was a great plus.In the year where we started coaching I moved up from 100nl to playing a mix of 500/1knl at the end of the year while clearing 6 figures, so I would definitely recommend working with Daniel for anyone looking to get a clear plan for how to play as well as move up to higher stakes.

Dimitris - BluffTheSpot Coach

I was first coached by Daniel when he was still with BTS, and he was perhaps the coach with the most profound influence on my game at the time.He is a very good player & all around teacher of the game.What really stood out to me was the way he utilized solver outputs to create simpler strategies mere humans can replicate, as well as figure out adjustments against opponents who deviate.Looking back at my career a few years later, I credit a large part of my success to various aha! moments I experienced in sessions with him.There is no single trick that will make you instantly great at poker, especially in today's environment.But if you are willing to work consistently towards improvement, then you should find a good coach to show you what to look for & help you accelerate your learning.
And in my mind, Daniel is exactly that.

Antonis - NL1000 pro

Daniel is a great poker coach.
He helped me a lot in moving up to midstakes when i was playing 100 and 200nl.
He made me realize that its better to perfectly implement a simple strategy than badly implement a confusing complicated strategy.He has great theory knowledge and knows how to deviate from it whenever it's necessary.

David N - NL500 pro

Daniel has been an invaluable asset in improving my game, refining my thought process, and plugging the leaks in my strategy. I cannot overstate the positive impact he has had on my overall poker skills and my confidence at the tables.I had experience coaching with Daniel and other coaches before through a CFP. I had a decent foundation in poker but knew there were areas where I could improve. I sought him out for 1-on-1 coaching and through his guidance, expertise, and personalized coaching sessions, I witnessed remarkable growth in my game. He not only helped me understand advanced concepts and strategies but also taught me how to apply them effectively in real-time situations. Encouraging me to think more analytically and critically through each decision, instead of just saying 'f*ck you, I call.'Beyond Daniel's poker coaching abilities, what truly sets him apart is his passion for teaching and genuine investment in his students' success. He consistently went above and beyond to provide ongoing support, resources, and knowledge to ensure my growth and development as a player.

Dusan - Programmer

Besides the fact that Daniel is a great player, it becomes obvious that he is also a great coach.
The way he explains with a clear plan on what to teach just shows how much experience as a coach he has.
He is always well prepared for our sessions with some specific solver solutions, and hand examples to help me understand concepts.
It's so awesome when someone can explain to you PIO outputs with words with sound strategy and point you in the right direction. As a coach, he is not a guy that just lectures, he always tries to ask me questions and lead me to correct my thought process, provoke my biases, and help me fix them.He is actually someone who cares about improvement, and trust me I have had many coaches from poker to all kinds of different areas of life and it's a really rare thing that you can see.We created a plan and we are sticking to it, and I can see how much I have improved in my understanding of poker. .If you are serious about improving, contact him. You will not be disappointed.Let the force be with you

Cabbage Juice - NL50zoom reg, after winning free coaching in the ShowOfForce discord

Finally finished a 100k sample after Daniel's coaching:
bb/100: 3.55
EV bb/100 : 3.26
First, thanks a lot, Daniel. You literally saved my life. My winrate was EV -1.64 bb/100 during the 48k hand sample, so my winrate went up by 4.9 bb/100 and I think that's an incredibly dramatic figure.Anyway, I made a +4.1k profit including rakeback. Again, thanks, Daniel. I really appreciate it.

Fred Again - NL200 Pro

Daniel will customize a plan according to what you need and dive deep into poker theory. He is very generous with his time


Betting on your success

Believe in your transformation, with my risk-free guarantee.

I understand that signing up for a coaching program is a big decision.
I want you to feel completely comfortable and confident in your choice to work with me. That's why I offer a risk-free guarantee.
Because as long as you are serious and work hard with what I’m giving you, I believe I can’t charge you enough.

Arnaud screenshot making $120k

He had 15 hours of coaching with me. Even if I charged $2,000 per hour, his return on investment would still have been enormous.That's the kind of transformation I want to help you achieve. But I know that every poker player's journey is different, and results can vary. That's why I want to make this decision as easy as possible for you.Here's my guarantee: If, after our first session, you don't see the value in our coaching relationship, I will refund your full payment. No questions asked.I'm able to offer this guarantee because I'm confident in the quality of my coaching. As I only accept a limited amount of students, I want the ones that are excited to work together.


Experience the difference
of elite poker coaching

Limited spots available. Apply now.

I've seen poker change many lives (including my own). We're talking about living anywhere in the world, meeting the people you want to meet, and making life-changing money.I've done it, my students have done it, and you can too.Remember, due to the focused attention and premium quality I provide each student, the number of openings is intentionally kept limited!I hope to work with you soon.


Streamline your poker journey with a proven coaching system, tailored to your specific needs

Speedrun through stakes with a personalized roadmap

Maximize winnings with deep GTO strategies, enhanced with advanced exploits

Easily navigate tough spots with advanced theory lessons

Become a self-sufficient learner with a framework that keeps you improving long after our coaching

Bonus Profit Maximization System: Discover how to maximize earnings, select profitable tables, and learn while playing.

Bonus Private discord with likeminded students to exchange ideas and grow

Bonus Access to exclusive preflop and multiway sims that cost me thousands of dollars to run

Got questions?


Make your decision with confidence

How does the coaching package work?

I do hourly, 1on1 coaching. Because of how my improvement system is structured, I normally offer a minimum coaching package of 10 hours.

Who is this coaching program suitable for?

Pretty much everyone that has some basics down. I've worked with students from 50NL to 3000NL.
Generally, people around 200NL are my most frequent students as that's when it starts to make sense (skill-wise and financially) for them to get individualized coaching.

What's the format of the coaching sessions?

We will generally have in-depth theory sessions in PIO, sprinkled with practical lessons for implementing what we learned (video and hand reviews).
That said, I'm always open to trying new formats.

What results can I expect from this coaching program?

It truly depends on how hard you work to implement it. I've had hard working students that took the information and started climbing stakes fast.

What happens after I submit my application?

I take a look at all applications to hand-pick the most suitable students.
If you get picked, you can expect a Discord dm from me. I will try to reply to everyone, regardless if the get picked or not.

Have more questions? Send me a DM on Twitter with your question and I'll get it answered! Send me a DM here.